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Dennis Lillee (Aus) vs Kim Hughes (Aus)

Dennis Lilliee was never known for being friendly to opposition players let alone his own team-mates.

Lilliee was bowling to Kim Hughes in the nets. Lilliee fired off a nasty bouncer towards his captain and fellow team mate. Hughes bareley managed to avoid it bouncing off his head.

Lilliee asked Hughes:

“Did I get you?”

Hughes responded “No, I’m alright”

“Then I’ll get you next time you bastard” replied a disappointed Lilliee

Shane Warne and Darren Berry sledge Michael Slater

Michael Slater was playing in a state cricket game against fellow Australian team mate Shane Warne. Warne, not shying away from sledging a fellow team mate, decided to get under Slater’s skin by suggesting that his temper was like a time-bomb.

When Slater came out to bat, Warne and Berry began the sledging:

Warne “Tick”

Berry “Tock”

Warne “Tick”

Berry “Tock”

After several overs, Slater got impatient and holed out to deep midwicket. As he trudged off, he glared at Warne and Berry, who said in unison “Kaboom!”.