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Andrew Flintoff vs Tino Best

Andrew Flintoff saw his opponent Tino Best, who was known for loving a bit of a slog preparing to face an off-spiner and shouted:

Watch the windows, Tino!”

This had the exact desired effect.

Best came charging out of his crease like a mad man. He took a wild swing at the ball, missed it completely and was promptly stumped by Geraint Jones.

The windows were safe. Tino walked off. Flintoff spent the next few overs giggling like a little schoolgirl.

Viv Richards and Sunil Gavaskar

During a form slump Sunil Gavaskar decided to come lower down the order to try and ease some pressure off himself, and bat at No 4.

Malcolm Marshall then proceeded to bowl out Anshuman Gaekwad and Dilip Vengsarkar for two ducks, setting the stage for Gavaskar to walk in at 0/2.

Viv Richards said “Man, it don’t matter where you come in to bat, the score is still zero.”

Michael Holding (West Indies) vs the Umpire

Bowling to an Australian, Holding sent a ball straight in to the Aussie batsman’s pads and launched a highly passionate appeal for LBW, only to have it turned down by the umpire. Obviously feeling that he had been cheated of a wicket, Holding took great offence to this decision.

After Holding had bowled his sixth ball, the umpire declared ‘over’, and as Holding retrieved his hat he looked the umpire in the eye and told him “At least you can count to six”

Glenn McGrath (Ausrtralia) and Ramnaresh Sarwan (West Indies)

Occasionally, sledging doesn’t go down too well.

McGrath to Ramnaresh Sarwan: “So what does Brian Lara’s di*k taste like?

”Sarwan: “I don’t know. Ask your wife.

McGrath : “If you ever F**king mention my wife again, I’ll F**king rip your F**ing throat out.”

Unfortunately for Sarwan’s quick wit, McGrath’s wife was very sick at the time with the cancer that would later take her life.

Viv Richards and Greg Thomas

During a county game, after beating Richards bat a few times Thomas told Richards:

“It’s red, round & weighs about 5 ounces in case you were wondering.”

Richards hammered the next delivery out of the cricket grounds and into a nearby river. Turning to the bowler, he said:

“Greg, you know what it looks like, now go and find it.”