Tendulkar doesn’t need to sledge

It was way back in 1989, and Sachin Tendulkar was making his debut in Pakistan.
Sachin was just 16 years old, facing some of the fastest bowlers at the time, and there wasnt a single Pakistani that was going to let him forget it.

The Pakistani crows were holding up signs saying ”Hey kid, go home and drink milk” (Roughly translated)

Tendulkars response was to hit 2 sixes in on over from young leg spinner Mustaq Ahmed. Older leg spinner Abdul Qadir then threw his own challenge out to Tendulkar saying ”Why are you hitting kids? Try and hit me.”

Tendulkar again remained silenty and let his bat do the talking. He hit 4 sixes in the over.

6, 0, 4, 6, 6, 6.

Dennis Lillee (Aus) vs Kim Hughes (Aus)

Dennis Lilliee was never known for being friendly to opposition players let alone his own team-mates.

Lilliee was bowling to Kim Hughes in the nets. Lilliee fired off a nasty bouncer towards his captain and fellow team mate. Hughes bareley managed to avoid it bouncing off his head.

Lilliee asked Hughes:

“Did I get you?”

Hughes responded “No, I’m alright”

“Then I’ll get you next time you bastard” replied a disappointed Lilliee

Matthew Hayden praises Sachin Tendulkar

This might not be a sledge, but it is still a very good quote from one of the best batsmen from the Australian team that Dominated for a decade.

“I have seen God, he bats at number 4 for India”

(For those of you who couldnt figure it out, the number four in the Indian team at the time was Sachin Tendulkar)

Sachin Tendulkar sledges Glen McGrath

Sachin Tendulkar is known for being a cool, calm disciplined cricketer who lets his bat do his sledging for him.During the first overs in 2000’s Champions Trophy in Kenya he uttered the words to Glen McGrath that would give every bowler nightmares:

“Today, I will hit you out of the ground”

It was part of the teams strategy to disrupt McGrath’s concentration. And it worked, MGrath ended up bowling 9 overs for 61 runs and India won by 20 runs.


Michael Vaughan (Eng) vs Ricky Ponting (Aus)

During Ricky Pontings first Ashes series as captain, taking over from retired captain Steve Waugh, Ponting was doing the captains duty of verbally abusing his English counterpart Michael Vaugh as he took to the pitch to bat.

Vaughan put Ponting in his place when he told him:

“Get back in the slips Ponting. Who do you think you are, Steve Waugh?”

Steve Waugh (Aus) vs India

Chasing 384 to win in Kolkata, Australia were in a good position at 3-161, when Sourav Ganguly put down a difficult chance to catch Steve Waugh out. Waugh told Ganguly

“You just dropped the test mate”

Soon after, the Australian Captain was dismissed by Harbhajan Singh, and as Waugh walked off the pitch, Rahul Dravid said to him

“Who’s given away the test now?”

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Steve Waugh (Aus) Sledging himself.

During the 1997 Ashes series, England’s coach David Lloyd and captain Michael Atherton came to a realisation about Steve Waugh. He loved getting sledged. He actually thrived under it. So the English team made a decree. No one at all was to talk to Waugh when he came out to bat.

Australia were 3-42 when Waugh came out to bat, and it didnt take long for waugh to realise

“Oh, I get it. Nobody’s talking to Steve. OK! I’ll talk to my fucking self then”

Waugh then proceeded to spend the next 4 hours talking to himself while making 108 runs.

The next innings England repeated the silent treatment, and Waugh repeated his efforts. He made 116 in the second innings.


Dean Waugh (Aus) and Richard Stobo (Aus)

Dean Waugh, the younger brother of cricket prodigies Steve and mark Waugh, had a much more modest career than his famous brothers. Never rising above the Grade cricket level.

During a Grade cricket game Waugh was struggling bad against former NSW bowler Stobo, and Stobo had a question for him.

“Mate, are you sure you aren’t fucking adopted?”

Michael Holding (West Indies) vs the Umpire

Bowling to an Australian, Holding sent a ball straight in to the Aussie batsman’s pads and launched a highly passionate appeal for LBW, only to have it turned down by the umpire. Obviously feeling that he had been cheated of a wicket, Holding took great offence to this decision.

After Holding had bowled his sixth ball, the umpire declared ‘over’, and as Holding retrieved his hat he looked the umpire in the eye and told him “At least you can count to six”

Merv Hughes (Australia) and Dickie Bird (England)

Universally known for being a first sledger, Merv Hughes was also keen for some banter with the umpires. During one match he asked Umpire Dickie Bird how far intpo the over he was

“Is that three ive had or is that three to come”

Bird’s response “Shut up Merv or ill no ball you for being a smart arse”